august 3, 2015

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“When we’re tempted to find fault in another, it is helpful to pause and ask three simple questions: What am I afraid of? How is this helpful to those around me? What do I need to improve in my own life?”
~ Rosyln Harrison


sweet Jonathan (snapseed)
sweet Jonathan (snapseed)


I may have mentioned that when my Terry grandparents died in 2009 (just ten days apart), my co-workers gave me a gift certificate to a local nursery. I bought small fruit trees, one for each of my four grandparents. The grandmothers are apples, and the grandfathers are peaches. There were virtually no blooms this spring on any of them. The winter was too cold, the spring too wet. But the apple trees loved both. They’ve virtually doubled in size this summer, enough that the squirrels have finally left a single apple to ripen. It’s a Jonathan (from Hazel). Love comes in many forms. Sometimes it hangs from the top of a tree.


one (snapseed)

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