august 3, 2022

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“Don’t wait for things to get better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you’ll run out of time.” ~ Unknown


Ginny Daley is my shero. She just retired from UK Special Collections in June and had her hip replaced the next day, or something crazy like that. And here she is barely two months later working like a twenty-year-old. She and Appalachian Center director Kathryn Engle (third photo in shorts) were in respirators back in the Appalshop vault. It took on six and a half feet of muddy water. Every reel they sent out to the freezer truck was caked in wet mud. It’s been a week and most of the area still needs a lot of help, so if you’re in the region and can help, do. Volunteer to sling mud out of buildings, donate cleaning supplies, or have a look at the Appalachian Center’s webpage for legit donation organizations. It’s going to take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to help Applashop rebuild and save what can be saved of the archive. The average flood victim may not have a vault full of precious film footage, but they lost everything and are just as worthy of help. Floods are truly awful, and this flood is nothing short of indescribable. So far, 37 have been found dead and at least 100 people are still missing. 

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