august 4, 2017

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“The politics of Jesus in 5 words: Love your neighbor as yourself.
In 3 words: Love your neighbor. In 1 word: Love.”
~ Nathan Hamm




One advantage to spending time at UK Chandler Hospital is the art. Last night, when mom was moved back to her room from Good Sam (where the surgery took place), I was walking from the parking garage when I noticed this sculpture for the first time. I hadn’t noticed it in the daytime, but with the street light against the sunset sky, it popped out like it was the only thing I could see. I didn’t notice who the artist was, and I didn’t read the entire quote inscribed on the base, but I loved the work. 


art in moonlight


Our Shero continues to do well, better than expected, in fact: no temp, clear lungs, great vitals, good color. She had a hard time with the anesthesia, as she typically does, but they finally got her settled by this evening. Reinette Jones came to see her this morning, and this evening she still remembered. Pretty impressive for somebody that’s been filleted like a fish. I’m feeling less nervous about her condition today. He medical team, lead by Dr. Swaghert, is just brilliant. Between him and Dr, Silby, I believe our Shero will be dancing a jig in no time. So very grateful.



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  1. Jane Rees

    Glad to hear the good news. Tried to break away to go visit but rarely even wen to the bathroom!! My most favorite sculpture!!!!

  2. Martha conley

    Love my friend! Tell her we’re praying for fast and good recovery. Give Shirley and Shorty a hug from me.

  3. Pascale

    The statue is beautiful, and the artist’s talent as a sculpture is truly exalted by your photographic skills.

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