august 4, 2018

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“If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.” -John Green

sunshine flowers

It seems like I’m facing some new technologies lately, not all of them of my choosing, but that’s okay with me. I feel stale from time to time and I need a challenge. New technologies, or even a change to old technologies, are good for me. As one simple example, WordPress, which is what I use for the outhouse, is rolling out a new editor called Gutenberg. I’m first trying it as a plugin. It seems designed for those less accustomed to html coding, so it’s not exactly my favorite. I’m weird that way. I like the control the source code offers. I can fix something fast and move on to something else. They spend oodles of money for xml editors at work and I find them completely awful. Just give me the xml, leave me alone for a minute, and I’ll fix whatever’s wrong. As for Gutenberg, I can still get to the html code, and as long as I can do that, I’ll get used to it as an editor. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll like it, but one doesn’t have to like something to make it work for one, eh? 

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