august 6, 2020

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“Love is not all you need. You need mutual respect. You need support. You need trust. You need boundaries. You need people to be there when it matters. You need space to grow and acceptance when you do. You need people to show their love in a way you can understand.” ~ Nedra Tawwabâ €

back in time

Kirwan-Blanding: They’re coming down floor by floor. Looks like they’re down to the 13th floor. I hate the green sheath they always put on the chain link fences. I’m sure it’s a safety thing, but it blocks the view. So, what do you do? You make lemonade from the lemons on the fence. The top photo really speaks to me of history, longing, untouchable, lost young adulthood. Maybe one day soon I’ll have time to sneak inside the fence.

on the outhouse
in color

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