august 8, 2018

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“Happiness is not solitary; It joys to communicate, it loves others, for it depends on them for its existence.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


After we had ice cream at Crank and Boom last Sunday, we waddled down to Goodfella’s Pizza. I’d heard they were in the old Pepper Distillery, but I didn’t realize how much of the old building they’d left intact. Wow!


First of all, the place is big and open but not loud, which was pretty amazing. Second, they left some of the coolest parts of the distillery in place, and then used them as part of the decor to incredible effect. Third, the food was fantastic; pizza slices bigger than your head and breadsticks so big they fold them in half to get them on your plate and they’re still dripping off the sides. 

no corner in this silo

I assume the concrete and brick silo was for grain, but today you can eat your pizza and watch TV from a cushy sofa-like seat inside it. The lighting in the silo was very cool, and the sunlight through the silo’s windows (top photo) provided a gorgeous effect. Naturally, they serve bourbon, and they have a nice display behind the bar beneath the grain shoot. They also built a fantastic mezzanine level with a pool table and more intimate seating for the late night dating crowds. So, yea, this impressive reuse from the past of one of Kentucky’s finest exports was part of our awesome Sunday. Well done, Distillery District!

building 13

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