december 1, 2018

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“Don’t think that happiness will be possible only when conditions around you become perfect. Happiness lies in your own heart. You only need to practice mindful breathing for a few seconds and you’ll be happy right away.” ~  Thich Nhat Hanh


birthday surprise


Stacy Yelton has a birthday today, and my gift to her was this gorgeous print of her beloved home town by Jon Reynolds. Jon’s work over the last year has grown immensely, and when I saw this image, I gasped (a good gasp) and bought it immediately. It’s been hard to not say anything since I bought it three months ago because it’s so beautiful. But the silence was totally worth it when Stacy opened the package and gasped like I did. Plus, the eight-ply matte came courtesy Letha Drury because she’s totally awesome and wanted to say Happy Birthday to Stacy, too. I absolutely adore my people; Stacy, Jon, and Letha. Birthday success.

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