december 10, 2018

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“You’re doing better than you think you are. Keep going. You got this.” ~ TinyBuddha

set list 1964

I’m staying at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in DC for the conference I’m attending. I had no idea the history of this place until I got here. There’s a large display in the front window of the variety of things that have happened here; everything from Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural party (a tradition that held for 70 years) to Frank Sinatra performances (among others). My favorite, of course, is that the Beatles stayed here during this first US tour in 1964. There’s a great display in the West portico with this original set list written on Shoreham stationary. The notes in the display (below) will tell all about it. My only disappointment during this trip is that I wasn’t put in the Beatles wing, but hey, my BFF Beverly Howell just got tickets to see Sir Paul next summer in Arlington, Texas checking off #1 on her bucket list, and that makes up for it completely. 


  1. Bev

    O.M.G. —- WOW!!!!! I got mentioned in the Outhouse by my precious Kokopuffs *AND* got McCartney tickets today…how much better can life be?!?

    Love you!!!!! (but you know that already)


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