december 20, 2016

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“Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace of soul. It comes from laughter and love.” ~ Unknown


from the deck (snapseed)


I had never been inside Commonwealth Stadium before today. The Libraries held our annual holiday lunch at the Woodford Reserve Room at the stadium. Hands down it was the best location for our gathering, and you couldn’t beat the view. The room opens onto a spacious deck at about the fifty yard line. I imagine the games are wonderful to watch from here. Crystal, Podge (Jeff Rion), and I were all sorry we weren’t properly dressed to take a run down the field. It looks so inviting with no one on it. It also looked much smaller than it does on TV. The Dean’s remarks before lunch were also memorable. He very rightly pointed out that we are an inclusive institution of higher learning, and that Christmas is but one of many holidays celebrated during this time of year. Given the vitriol that has bubbled to the surface of our society around the recent election, I found his comments appropriate; reaffirming that we as librarians are stewards of democratic principles, and it is our duty to offer a safe place for our students and colleagues. He then pointed out the recent bronze sculpture of the four football players who integrated football at UK and in the SEC. It’s just outside the stadium beside the new practice facility. Naturally, Crystal and I walked back to work in that direction. It’s a really well done, moving piece of work. The perfect cap on a delicious lunch with some very, very special people. It was an excellent day.


stars (snapseed)

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