december 21, 2019

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A Winter Solstice Blessing ~ Molly Remer
May you have a warm heart,
open hands,
a creative mind.
May you experience inspiration and brilliance,
clarity and focus.
May you laugh richly and deeply.
May you circle and celebrate,
may you change and grow
May that which is waiting to be unlocked
be freed.
And may you soar with the knowing
that you are carried by a great wind across the sky.

being Santa

Bryson made dad Santa. He gladly accepted the role. We played hilarious games (see below), ate delicious food, saw cousins we don’t get to see often, and had wonderful fellowship with each other. Easton even let me feed him. He’s a special boy like his big brother Bryson. Christmas #1 is in the books, and on Winter Solstice made it all the more special. Happy Yule, ya’ll. (thanks for taking the group pic, Brandon!)

family Christmas #1
when games go wrong

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