december 28, 2012

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Optimism is a happiness magnet.
If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.

~ Mary Lou Retton

looks worse than it is
looks worse than it is

Dr. Millicent Hardigree has treated my friend’s pets for over 25 years. From Robin Dalton’s Tippy to Crystal Heis’ Bianka (aka Snake Killer) and Stacy Yelton’s beloved Max, “Aunt Millie” has cared for each pet with grace. The compassion with which she handled Max’s euthanasia left a lasting impression on me. After my vet retired last year, it was only natural that she care for my lot as well. Leo does fine, for a grumpy old man, but Lily? Let’s just say she’s starting to warm to the visits by only frothing at the mouth this time. Next year, I’m hoping for incessant yowling alone, or at least a passing glance at her likeness on the wall, which I’m told cause many cats to hiss.

oh god, not again
oh god, not again
...and she didn't lose her finger
…and she didn’t lose her finger

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