december 29, 2018

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“This world may never understand you. That is not your fault. That is your gift.” ~ CWPoet


strike a pose


Today I finally got caught up with work produced since November. Yes, I’ve been that far behind. It has been an extraordinarily busy fall; unexpected, fun, hectic, enlightening, inspiring. It’s been a time of uncertainty, confusion, and all the isms that come with real growth. After a fabulous Christmas, working on these last photos from the Silent Night Opera jarred my senses about just how spectacular this year has been. Not in terms of big wows, but in those little things that far outweigh the big things. Things like health and family and friendship; safe travels, warm hugs, sweet smiles, kind words, and bottomless compassion. I have a good job. I have good insurance. I have good health. I have a house with “good bones,” as the contractors like to say. I have a dependable car, two cats, one dog, and loads of books. I’ve even got a band to play with! I’ve been surrounded by all of this and more. And then there’s Terry Keys in a 100% wool WWI uniform singing like a bird and looking like a million bucks. If that doesn’t make 2018 epic, nothing can.

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