december 31, 2017

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“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.”
~ Tiny Buddha

goodbye 2017


This post concludes year six of the “one-year-project” outhouse. I thought little could compare to the roller coaster that was 2012, what with the tornado and all, but I was oh so wrong. Regardless of the trials, the losses, the let-downs, and the setbacks in 2017, I’m more grateful than ever today. If my nearly 53 years have taught me nothing else it’s that new beginnings, better things, golden opportunities are born out of such times. They don’t generally show up at your door on a sunny day, or if they do, you probably won’t appreciate them. So it’s with great optimism that I throw open the doors to 2018. I just received news that an album (I’m showing my age) I recorded when I was just 16 years old is being repackaged by a Swedish distributor because, lo and behold, Europe loves it… after all these years. The liner notes even call me a prodigy, and I’ve never been called that before (I wouldn’t call me that). Wonders never cease. Call it coincidence, but I had just said to a friend earlier today that I really want to play music in 2018, and then – BOOM – news about music. But even better than that I was able to wish my parents a Happy New Year. I sure never thought I’d have that chance. 2018 is already showing promise! 2017 was a really challenging time, and painfully sad with the loss of my brother-from-another-mother Rick Hayes, but I hold to the idea that the world is still my oyster as long as I draw breath. For that optimism, and the many great fortunes that have come to me this year, I remain truly grateful. Here’s to year seven of the “one-year-project.” May we all recognize our blessings no matter the mess. 

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