december 7, 2014

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“This world.
I tell you.
It can be a beautiful place.
Laughter and love
Family and friends
Around you.
It can also be cruel.
I’ve noticed over the past
Few weeks how quickly blessings
Can give way
To misfortune. Hardship. Pain.
Loss. Loss. Lost. In all this.
Is hope. Still. It is.
This world. It still is.
A beautiful place.”
~ Jude McPherson


good stuff
good stuff


Of all the work I saw at last Friday’s Open Studio I was perhaps most impressed with the sculptures. Here are but two of the works that were on display. This maquette of a native american warrior I found particularly good. Other pieces ranged from the whimsical to the fantastic; all of them thought provoking and well done.




In the Graphic Arts room they had a 3-D printer in operation. It was fascinating to watch, and I finally understood the the mechanics of how it is possible to build a 3-D model. That room also displayed some excellent graphic designs, and these beautiful leaves. Good art is so enriching, that can’t be overstated. What a fortunate woman I have been to be surrounded by art most of my life.



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