december 7, 2019

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“I think everyone should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see it’s not the answer.” ~ Jim Carrey

missing man table

It was an unexpected day as we needed to take our Hero to the VA ER to get checked out (he’s fine, by the way). I was headed out of the ER lobby when this table caught my eye. A lobby is not where one expects to see a table set for dinner. Then I saw the sign taped above it. “The Missing Man Table.” Everything on the table is symbolic of something. Essentially, the table is set to symbolize those soldiers that have yet to come home. I found the slice of lemon on the plate odd, but the explainer said it symbolizes the bitter fate of the missing. I was surprisingly moved by the table and I took a moment to give thanks that my dad wasn’t one of those lost to war. It must be so hard for those with loved ones that never come home. Peace be with them.

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