february 11, 2016

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“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” ~ Unknown


the family joker (snapseed)
the family joker (snapseed)


Remember last week I said my cousin Lisa gave our grandmother the exact same reason I gave for not marrying? Well, here’s her reason (dad); my uncle Darrell. He is one of the funniest men you will ever meet. He’s been a social worker most of his life, and if anybody could help another human being, it’s this guy. Of course, they’d have to be able to laugh through the tears, but if they’ve got a funny streak at all, Darrell’s their man. I ran into him visiting my uncle James, Darrell’s youngest brother. In typical Darrell fashion, he was busy keeping an otherwise bleak situation light. I aspire to be like him. Always kind and compassionate, yet always funny. Always. There aren’t words to describe just how much I love him.

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  1. Wanda Day

    The first time I met this sweet family was I was going to Mrtyle Beach to see my son Mike , Mike had talked to Lisa about me coming , so as sweet as Lisa was , her and her dad were coming back from vacation somewhere and met me in Lexington so I could ride with her and her dad to her house to fly from hunnington airport, and remind you that I had never met them before and invited me to their home to stay the night and took time out of her morning to take me to the airport , on the way from Lexington to Lisa’s her dad talked to me like he knew me forever, laughing, telling jokes and so on , first time ever meeting them to take me in to do that told me what special people they were , I’m so blessed that God put them in my life , And when we got to Lisa’s , i got to meet her mom , amazing family ,

  2. Michael Terry

    The Bible says that laughter is good medicine. That means that Uncle Darrell is really Dr. Terry. He prescribes what we all need the most and that is to laugh out loud. The good thing about his prescriptions is that they are free of charge and they come wrapped in love. If laughter makes you lighter, then Darrell has helped us all weigh much less. After a few minutes with Uncle Darrell life doesn’t seem to weigh so heavily on our hearts. Thank you Dr. Terry for being used by the Great Physician to bring laughter to an otherwise weary heart. God bless you!

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