february 17, 2020

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“Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.” ~ TinyBuddha

school not school (snapseed)

Hard to tell this was taken at night. I had the great opportunity to join Anita Courtney’s fabulous iRest Nidra Yoga class at Dudley Square this evening. I only just became familiar with Nidra Yoga (props to BFF Heis for that). It is substantial, and substantially different from regular yoga, but in a good way. It marries the best parts of meditation with yogic practice. It’s being used a great deal with addicts and veterans with PTSD. It’s great for garden variety anxiety and depression as well. After just one session I feel wildly rejuvenated. Plus, there are people in the class I know, not to mention that Anita is just awesome as can be. I’m going to really enjoy the next six weeks of learning.

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