february 27, 2015

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“The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.” ~ Leonard Nimoy


Rockey the squirrel
Rocky the squirrel


The squirrels on campus don’t scare easily, less so when they’re cold. This little guy seemed downright mesmerized. Mr. Spock would be proud of Rocky’s little pointy ears. On the other hand, I dare say the Vulcan would poo poo Rocky’s squirrely ADD. Leonard Nimoy beamed up today, to boldly go where the living can’t go. His character, Spock, is as ingrained into our culture – particularly my generation – as baseball and hot dogs. Heck, the squirrel probably knows who Spock is. What’s more, Nimoy was an excellent photographer, and I had great respect for his work. He lived long and he prospered, and we were the beneficiaries. Now, the era ends. It was a great run, Spock. Thanks for being so human.

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