february 28, 2020

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“What this world needs is a group hug.” ~ Unknown

friday fun-day (snapseed)

I had the most random yet interesting meeting today when Terry Birdwhistell introduced me to Myra Tobin. I knew her only through Terry’s work and also that she sits on the UK Board of Trustees. Once we started talking, however, not only did I learn that her sister Jonell lives in the hometown of West Liberty, but being an admirer of quilts, Myra owns one of Justine Gevedon’s quilts. Now, if you don’t know Justine Gevedon, I’ll just tell you that she was one of the finest quilters in Morgan County and she always had a booth at the Sorghum Festival. I was stunned, and just tickled pink because I loved Justine and I know her family very well. It felt a bit like old home day at that point. At dinner this evening I mentioned the meeting to my folks and learned that mom and Jonell are good friends. She spoke as highly of Jonell as I speak of Myra: a very kind person who did not make me feel like the help, but rather someone with whom she could share stories. It is a compliment of the highest order to me. What a small, small wonderful world we live in. I’m beginning to think all roads lead to Morgan County.

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