february 29, 2012

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Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.” ~ Ann Bradford

headed east looking south

We were ushered into the library basement; tornado warning. I’d seen the radar. There was no danger. While colleagues and students huddled in corners, I slipped up the stairs. One floor; two floors…five floors. It was a non-event for us, as predicted, but not for my hometown 100 miles to the east. This same storm dropped what’s being called The Leap Day Tornado. It destroyed the building that had been my dad’s first business in the 1970’s; Fashion Furniture Mart. Across the ridge at Malone, it destroyed an old church I passed every day as a child. No one was hurt. Buildings can be replaced. It was a blessed day. (damage photos by Michael Gevedon)

dad's old store
Grace Baptist, Malone

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  1. Sara Holroyd

    So sorry for the loss of memories. Terrible day. Great picture of UK. Sad picture of losses of so many people.

    • kopana

      All thoughts and prayers to those in Illinois and Missouri who lost loved ones from this same storm system. My little town was so very blessed. We’ll rebuild and make new memories. Lives can’t be replaced.

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