february 6, 2013

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Be grateful. Nothing is worth more than this day.” ~ Unknown

smile at the devil
smile at the devil

Doesn’t she look proud? She should be. Stacy Yelton was one of 140 UK workers laid off last June. After 30 years in radio, 15 at UK, she now works as an imaging technician at the library. She scanned the Russian propaganda posters on the wall behind her. They were part of a program presentation today, and she was eager to tell her experience with each. Ironically, just before the picture was snapped, for the first time since she was laid off, she was literally face to face with the man who eliminated her position. What did our heroine do? She said hello. That’s how you take the high road. That’s how you create good karma. That’s how a decent person behaves. That’s why she can smile.

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  1. Sharon

    That’s not just good karma – thats great karma. Great photo Ko & Stacy! Love your work – both of you.

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