january 10, 2017

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“Do not dare not to dare.” ~ C S Lewis


the bearded lady (by Ruth Bryan)


When the temp is super cold, the air desert dry and full of static electricity, weird things happen to people like me with long hair. Last Friday as I was leaving work, dressed in full arctic attire, I happened into Ruth Bryan’s office. I could feel hair creeping up my face. Every time I tried to get it off of me it collected more static until I looked like The Bearded Lady (above). After several failed, though hilarious, attempts to get the brunette mass off my face, I opted to put it under my hat. That didn’t go as planned either. I turned into Cousin It (below). Ruth finally had to help me get my mane contained. We laughed. Before I left she reviewed the photos and said, “These need to be in the outhouse.” I aim to please! Today, I’m glad humidity has moved into the area. I can see again. It helps when driving.


Cousin It (by Ruth Bryan)

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