january 10, 2018

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“Kind words cost nothing.” ~ Unknown

new this way (snapseed)


The Lunch Ladies made our way to the new Student Center today. So far, only Champions Food Court is open, but we’re good with that. We’re called the Lunch ladies after all. The builders said they’d have this part of the new building open by January, and dag-gum-it, they did. Orange barrels, flags, raw steel, half built walls, a host of other not-quite-finished pieces parts along the way, but they did it. We were joined by Judy Sackett, fellow Capricorn, who, just yesterday, celebrated her birthday, and that made the trip even more fun. I look forward to seeing the rest of the building, though I have no idea when that’ll be open. Oh, for those of you following along, an update from last night’s sleep study. I slept great, though I got the wires on my legs crossed and that made for an interesting wake up at 1am. By interesting I mean completely frustrating. In any case, not only do I have a brain, it’s perfectly normal…at least while I’m sleeping. No apnea. No heart issues. No breathing issues. I snore a little, and if that’s the worst thing about me, I reckon I’m doing pretty good. So what’s it all mean? Basically, my TMJ is pretty bad, and I need a job that doesn’t require mornings. I’m not an alarm clock kinda gal. Never have been. Confirmed. The question now is, what’s the next chapter? You know, the one that gets up later, isn’t tired, and has a blast going to work. We’ll see. Onward and upward!


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