january 13, 2018

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“Every obstacle is an opportunity.” ~ Unknown

on her way


Abigail Bartlett got a camera for Christmas. Proud parents, Bryan and Jen, invited me over to walk her through it. Naturally, Abby knew more about the menu than I did. Nevertheless, I talked with her about depth of field, exposure, speed, and focus; the important technical things you need to know about photography no matter the camera. It was really good for me, and Abby absorbed everything I told her because her brain is pure sponge right now, soaking up everything she hears.


director Bartlett


Let me tell you, Abby is one of the brightest kids I’ve ever met. She’s creative and driven. She reminds me of myself at her age, but I think she’s able to focus a little better than I did. While most kids are interested in being in a starring role, like a singer or actor, Abby is interested in directing films. I find that intriguing. She’s interested in still photography, yes, but she’s very interested in moving pictures. In fact, she’s already made a few short films. 




Near the end of our session, Abby asked to interview me. She’s working on a new project by interviewing people about their jobs. She had her questions ready. With mama and papa Bartlett both having on-air radio backgrounds, Abby’s delivery was as natural as breathing. Boy, did The Bartlett’s make my day! I had the best time hanging out with them. I can’t wait for warm weather so we can go out shooting together. I predict great things for Our Girl Bartlett.

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  1. John Gibson

    This is such a great compliment to her talent and persona (and to her parents). Nicely done!

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