january 18, 2017

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“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” ~ Khalil Gibran


sometimes you just have to laugh over dinner


Little did I know when I got up this morning that this was going to be an extremely important day. This was one of those days when the right person said the right thing, and suddenly, all the light bulbs came on. My day was like that, although it took all day to get there. The Universe seen fit to confirm this super day when I got to see Leeza Gordon and Stacy Yelton again. We had another Acutonics session, and more importantly, we laughed hysterically (at me mostly). It didn’t hurt that Leeza confirmed that this day, full of way too many words, was a pivotal day in my world. Thank you, Leeza, for efforting with me and Stacy. And also for not letting me leave Stacy’s house with dental floss hanging off my coat. That’s just bad form.

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