january 2, 2012

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Lily keeps an eye on the snow

Today I got turned on to a few new things. The first was an exquisite body of work titled A Lonesome Sound by photographer Lisa Elmeleh. These tintype photographs are exactly the kind of traditional photographic processing that I both love and am excited to see reemerge in the digital world. Soon after this visual discovery, I was turned on to Lexington’s Warren Byrom and The Caneland’s latest: The Fabled Canelands.

Meanwhile, yesterday Jimmy Duckworth turned me on to a photo app for my iPhone (works on iPad, too) called Snapseed. Here’s a little taste of that from today as well (note the handmade oil lamp my parents gave me for Christmas and a picture of the best dog ever, Sadie (1992-2009).

American Made

All this as snow was flying while the Rose Parade marched. It made for an exquisite second day of this new year.

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    • kopana

      I miss her every day. – every.day. 🙁 But I’m so very blessed to have had her. Some people never get the chance to have that kind of unconditional love.

  1. Deb

    You’ve managed to capture your Lily’s gorgeous eyes! And love the “American Made”!!!

    I have vicariously enjoyed your day…. Thanks for sharing, Kopana. ♥

    • kopana

      She sure loved her Aunt Beth for taking her on all those walks.

      We’ll stay inspired together 🙂

  2. Mindy

    Let the Art flow!!! Awesome, Ko….and I love the retrospective in your opening page (not sure what to call it)

  3. robert shinn

    I had a border collie named Cisco, and a calico cat named Sadie…

    • kopana

      borders are awesome – my calli was named Alex. She also came from Angie and lived to be 20-ish

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