january 20, 2017

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“Change is tough… it also makes you better.” ~ LaTrisha Milton Blunt


faithful companion


When I first met Marcie she told me about her dog, Annie. She talked about her with a familiar love. She talked about her as I talked about my Sadie (1992-2009). I understand that special bond between a woman and her dog because I was lucky enough to have it with Sadie. There’s not a single day I don’t miss her, and not a single day I don’t feel special that she picked me.


Waggity Annie


They were living in rural Anderson County when Marcie told me about Annie. If memory serves, a torrential downpour had spooked the dog and she was missing. She was gone so long she was feared dead. And then, as country dogs do sometimes even after long periods of time, she miraculously reappeared. 


never far


When Marcie sold her house to move to Lexington there was some concern about Annie’s transition, being a country dog and all. Between Ann and Marcie, they helped Annie get her footing. Annie is a precious being. Not particularly fond of the camera, but willing because she came to greet me as soon as I walked in. She said okay to my lens, and that’s a gift from human and animal alike. She is as perfect as Marcie said, and just as kind as Marcie.



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  1. Marcie Christensen

    Dear Kopana, thank you for these great pictures of Annie. She’s as difficult to photograph as I told you, isn’t she? ?. But you did, and I’m grateful. She is a very special soul to so many. She makes friends wherever she goes, and I’m grateful for all who love her.

  2. Vicki Bangs

    I think of you and Annie often. I remember when she was missing. I had never met her but i worried about her until the day you posted she was home. I do miss seeing you at Franciscos Farm. You were one of the main reasons that was such a great Art show. Sending you hugs and positive energy. By the way you and Annie both look beautiful in these photos.

  3. Phyllis Free

    Beautiful Marcie, beautiful sweet Annie, & beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing these words & photos, Kopana.

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