january 23, 2015

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“A great attitude becomes a great mood.
A great mood becomes a great day.
A great day becomes a great year.
A great year becomes a great life.”
~ Unknown


THE Dude!
THE Dude!


Craig Barnes is one of the finest men I know. He’s funny as all get out, with a wit that will slap you silly and leave you laughing your guts out. He can cook like nobody’s business. He’s so stinkin’ creative it’s scary. Those aren’t even his best qualities! You’d be hard pressed to find a kinder, gentler, smarter, more compassionate human being than Craig. His heart is powerful. His kindness is without limit. He’s a fighter. An inspiration. He is my friend and I love him with all my heart. What a gift he is to this world, and I’m forever grateful that he’s part of mine.

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