january 23, 2022

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“When everything seems dark, consider you may be the light.” ~ Unknown

ma’ boys

Golden Alert finally managed a rehearsal with everyone who hasn’t been recently exposed or has had, Covid. It’s been two months since we were last together (thanks Covid). We made up for lost time with an extra-long, extra hilarious afternoon together. Neil discovered his Electric Mistress. Imagine the jokes. I thought he was being clever until I found out the Electric Mistress was a real thing; a foot pedal for his guitar. Then things really got funny. We busted into some Pink Floyd with Neil’s Deluxe Electric Mistress leading the way. We had a blast, a load of laughs, and it felt so, so, so good to play again. Go away, Covid. We’ve got gigs to play, songs to learn, and more Electric Mistress to unleash. 

she exists

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