january 3, 2022

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“She couldn’t keep her colors inside the lines so she drew new lines.” ~ Lisa Damico


On the one hand, it’s terrible to have a birthday so close to Christmas. You’re basically sharing your birthday with Jesus, and nobody brightens your day with cake for the rest of the year. On the other hand, you get presents all at once and you basically share your birthday with Jesus, and in my case, Elvis, David Bowie, and Stephen Hawking, too. The Christmas presents were fabulous (below, and the miniature turntable was Stacy’s) and the first birthday gift arrived today from Jane Somers. Inside that little package (above) was a load of hilarity. I’d expect nothing less of Jane. I’m sure you’re all wondering about dad. I’m pleased to say the last report was good. His oxygen levels are up with no fever, and less confusion. He’ll be getting some PT tomorrow to help with the weakness, and we might even get to bring him home tomorrow evening if all goes well. But keep those prayers flowing. Covid is a wily beast and could buck at any time. Right now, we’re feeling mighty blessed and we want to keep the healing powers flowing for our Hero. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and mom’s, for all your prayers and well wishes. That’s the best Christmas and Birthday present this girl could ask for.

Barnes Christmas

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