january 5, 2017

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“Your mission today, should you choose to accept it: Be nice to someone today for no other reason than to be kind. The world needs your contribution of kindness.” ~ Patsy Crawford Carruthers


first snow


Today, was the first snow of 2017. The temp dropped, making road treatments nearly useless. It was the kind of snow that compacts easily then doesn’t melt. I left work, taking my time to photograph my walk when Matt, whom you met yesterday, caught up with me. We were having a lovely talk until we crossed Rose Street. The poor guy was in the middle of saying, “It’s nice to get back to some sense of normalcy….” and then he was on the ground. He was flat on his back in the street. The very nice man in the SUV got out to help. Matt said he wasn’t seeing stars, but he cut his scalp. It’s just not what the poor man needed. You see, his mother died just before Christmas from injuries sustained in a fall. It was a shock, and this week was Matt’s first time back to work in a month. “Welcome back. Here’s a concussion,” the Universe said. He assured me he was ok to drive, and promised to clean his wound when he got home. Snow is beautiful, but it can hurt ya, so be careful. And this picture of Matt acting like a kid catching snowflakes on his tongue? That’s the Matt I know and love. I’m sure glad I caught it. 


ice road walkers

  1. Maralah Rose-Asch

    Yuck! Hate snow and cold. But love the idea of being kind. For no reason.

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