january 6, 2021

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“If it comes, let it come.
If it stays, let it stay.
If it goes, let it go.”
~ Unknown

as the sun sets

I believe history will remember this as one of the darkest days in America when armed pro-outgoing-president seditionists stormed the nation’s capital, without little resistance it should be noted, all because they didn’t like the outcome of a free and fair election. Any American would be hard pressed to find redeeming qualities about today, but there are, friends. There are. The sun has gone down, but it will come up tomorrow, and our better angels will still be beside us, gently whispering to our hearts to be as kind as we can to each other, to our neighbors, our friends, to the cashier at the store, to the bus driver, to the people we don’t agree with. If this country is to survive the hatred that has bubbled to the surface, we must pray for guidance and seek compassion for ourselves and for those with whom we disagree. There are reasons you loved your people you now politically, perhaps some would say morally, disagree with, and why they loved you. Those reasons are still there, if pushed to the back because of these divided times. Hold on to that. Try to remember why you loved them so. Stand for your principles but be good to all people. God bless these United States of America. Long may she stand.

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