january 8, 2019

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“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck someplace you don’t belong.” ~ Unknown


birthday stash


Elvis didn’t make it. David Bowie didn’t make it. I made it! Today marked another revolution around the sun for yours truly. I took a cue from Crystal Heis and took the afternoon off (she’s takes the whole day on her birthday, but I couldn’t do that). I have to say I like the way she thinks. First thing this morning I got a delightful phone call replete with the harmonizing parent’s rendition of Happy Birthday. Sweet birthday cards awaited when I got to work and my co-workers were just as kind and huggy as could be, which was really nice. Then, I picked up Stacy Yelton and off to Red Lobster we went for an exceptional seafood lunch. I kinda think their lunch crew is the best because our meal was like seaside good, not the usual landlocked good we’re used to in Kentucky. If that had been all the gifts the day had handed me I would have been tickled, but it wasn’t. Stacy gave me two hard-to-find Henri Nouwen books I’ve been wanting, and even agreed to go to Jospeh-Beth Booksellers with me where I spent a generous Christmas gift card on A Man Called Ove and a book I really, really wanted from the second I saw it: A Walk in the Wood. But what’s that adorable little Scottie dog, you ask? When I got home I opened the door to find said Scotty dog tin full of Walker’s Shortbreads and a card from BFFs Becky and Gordon. I was bowled over. Those two always make me smile. My day has been sprinkled with phone calls, texts, and facebook messages of warm wishes from my besties across the country. I am humbled by the kindness shown me. Each one played a big part in making this a great day start to finish.

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