january 8, 2021

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“It is okay to be angry. It is never okay to be cruel.” ~ Unknown


I got two cards today on my actual birthday, not to mention loads of calls, emails, texts, and facebook greetings. So many of the well wishes came with hilarity that I can’t relay them all here. My people know me so well. Rental brother-in-law Craig Barnes picked out the top card from he and rental sister Kelly. I’m 99.9% sure I had those pants. I’m 100% sure I had the attitude. Still do. You can grow out of styles (thank God), but some traits stick with you for life. Meanwhile, Stacy regaled me with more Anne Taintor shenanigans (below) that matches my 2021 calendar by same that she gives me every year for Christmas. Every month makes me giggle. It was a good birthday. I went to work (across the living room) then down the street for LaRosa’s pizza and old TV blooper reels with Stacy. Tomorrow, mom and I will celebrate our birthdays together with delicious take-out and maybe give Jenga another try. I’m just sure we can get dad to like it if he’s forced to play it enough. 

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