july 16, 2017

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“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”
~ Jack Canfield


from the front


As I mentioned yesterday, I was tasked with photographing the wedding of my Aunt Charlene and, now, Uncle Tony. I wondered how I could do it and still be part of the ceremony, too. You see, all of Charlene’s nieces and nephews who were present (along with their spouses) were to line the aisle (a path cut in the hay field) to the wedding arch (also in the hay field) as she was escorted in by cousin Missy and Uncle Greg. Being one of the oldest put me at the front of line. So, as Charlene began her procession, I stepped into the aisle and did a selfie. I had a unique angle, so why not take advantage of it? Besides, it’s the kind of shot you’d expect from me in this situation, and that’s why Charlene wanted me to do the wedding. I’m not your usual wedding photographer. What’s funny about that is, when I got home and began to look at the photos, I found that Crystal had channeled my style throughout the day. It’s usually the other way around. By 3 a.m. I was giggling like a kid at her over-their-heads-punchbowl shots that sometimes had no one in the shot at all. My day, and the wedding photos, wouldn’t be half what they are if Crystal hadn’t helped me. There’s no way I could have done a 45 minute ceremony alone even if I hadn’t been in the party. There’s not enough money in the world or thanks in the universe to adequately convey how grateful I am for her. I owe her big time. Plus, she’s now an honorary cousin/niece.


only breeze of the day



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  1. Lois Wilson

    You both worked so hard and I know you both got great shots. Charlene and Tony will be so happy to see your work. You always do good and I am very thankful that through your eyes we the family have some wonderful pictures. Thank you both!!!

    • Kopana

      We all worked hard to make the wedding a success, so THANK YOU for always going the extra mile to make our family awesome.

  2. Shirley Terry

    You girls looked sooo pretty and fresh when you came in and you still looked so pretty, though red hot and sweat droopy when you left you still were very pretty with beautiful smiles. Don’t know how you did it but GREAT WORK from the two of you.

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