july 2, 2021

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“Some of us think holding makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” ~ Hermann Hesse


We all dealt with the pandemic isolation differently. Some made lemonade from lemons, and some didn’t. Some of us made lemon pies, gained way too much weight from said pies, and now require compression socks and BP meds to keep the medical beasts at bay. I’m able to laugh at how ridiculous my legs look at the end of the day. It wasn’t enough that I had to go with over-pronate shoes and inserts for the Plantar Fasciitis a couple of years ago. No. Now I need to add zip-up compression socks that squeeze patterns into my fatty calves. They work, I’ll give ’em that, and the med is working, too, thank God. Aging ain’t for sissies. Just look! Last Friday I wasn’t laughing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so depressed leaving a doctor’s office when I saw my stats. I realize I am far from the only middle aged woman with high blood pressure, but this is not related to age and family history – it’s not even tied to being an ex-smoker – but weight and not taking care of myself. Plain and simple. I hadn’t felt good for way longer than I care to admit before I finally went to the doctor. Fast-forward a week, the meds have kicked in, some dietary changes underway, and return to the campus office, and I see the world like myself once again. The dietary changes have to stick this time because I’ve got lots of things left to be done and a stroke is not one of them. (See what happens when you cut your hair? ha! Good thing I cut it before I weighed.)

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  1. MOM

    You can do it, baby girl….!!!! Love you and very proud of you bc you can do it. You have the willpower.

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