july 21, 2015

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“Why does Everything have to be one way? It doesn’t.
One way is narrow mindedness in action…Close the mind and open the heart.”
~ Vickie Vest Caskey




Last July Robin Jackson introduced me to Liberty School in Moodys, Oklahoma. I said I was going back. This July, Ang and I were doing some dirt roading in the Moodys area, and she took me back.


red, white, and blue
red, white, and blue


It was the day after the 4th of July when we paid a visit to the Liberty School. Coincidentally, it was the same day I received an email from a woman whose cousin is its caretaker. She had found my post from last year, and wanted to order the photo as a gift for his 75th birthday. I was touched.


Oklahoma cattle guard
Oklahoma cattle guard


There are steps on both sides of this fence. One side leads to the Liberty School yard, and the other leads to the road. I’d never seen steps like this before. Turns out that’s how they kept the cattle out and let the people in, or the other way around. Apparently, this is, or was, a common practice in Oklahoma. I love learning new stuff like this! I need to travel more; learn more cool stuff. And I absolutely adore Liberty School. My next goal is to go inside.

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  1. John brown

    My wife’s grandfather owns that school house, I can get you in. We are doing our 4th of July fireworks show there sat. July 2nd

    • Kopana

      Oh, John, how I wish I could! I’m back in KY now. However, I’ll be back since Tahlequah is a second home, and hopefully we can coordinate a visit. I would love to see the inside!

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