july 27, 2013

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There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.
~ Paulo Coelho

best friend
best friend

It’s positive reinforcement week for me and the outhouse. I went to a bridal shower for Stacy Yelton’s youngest niece, Taylor (whom I also claim as niece) and Ashleigh, and there I ran into Stacy Spell Jansen (note these two spell their names the same way). She was at once complimentary of the outhouse, which of course pleased me beyond words. I mentioned that two people likened the outhouse to a diary. She very quickly retorted, “Oh no! It’s much more a devotional.” The clouds parted, and the angels sang because I knew she was right (plus I was relieved it wasn’t a diary to everyone). I have proven to myself time and again that, no matter how crappy the day is, there is always one good thing for which to be grateful. Thank you, Stacy Jansen, for a truly enriching conversation.

who got the boobs?
little sister got ’em

Thank you rental sisters Kelly Barnes, Stacy Yelton, and Pam Bick, for always including me in your lives and the lives of your children, and for always, always, always making me laugh. Stacy got everyone’s share (draw your own conclusion about that <snort>).

Opal's legacy
Opal’s legacy

And finally, thank you Opal Evans. You inspire me every single time I am in your presence. You are a woman of great compassion, charm, and limitless appreciation. It would be so easy for you at 103 years old to be blasé or cynical because you’ve done and seen it all, yet you possess the fascination and zest of a young woman. Your great-grandchildren are shining examples of your indomitable spirit. Just look how beautiful they are. Well done, Opal. [L-R: Kathleen Murphy, Taylor Barnes, Elizabeth Murphy, Connor Barnes]

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