july 3, 2020

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“For all things difficult to acquire,the intelligent man works with perseverance.” ~ Taoist proverb

lunch ladies COVID-style (snapseed)


Once again the outhouse is out of order. The last two weeks have tried me at every turn. Every wart in our catalogue at work has surfaced, and now the domain registration that I thought had been transferred in January turned out to have failed. After spending over an hour on hold, I think I have a resoltuion but I don’t know how long it will be before the outhouse proper will be back in business. Until then, yet agin, old faithful Tumblr to the rescue. At least I got to have lunch with The Lunch Ladies today. Tomorrow is Marie Dale’s birthday, and we’re always out of the office so we don’[t generally get to help her celebrate. Today, we decided to change that. Judy is in California so she couldn’t be with us. It was a short visit with Save-A-Lot’s famous fried chicken, Crystal even brought her equally famous birthday pie that she makes from scratch, but I was very, very grateful to see them in person. I miss my Lunch Ladies.

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