july 5, 2015

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“Sometimes a broken computer and a bum internet connection is the universe telling you to go for a swim, sit in the sun, have a long lunch with a good friend, read a book, and stand in the rain looking for rainbows until the wind dries you off.”
~ Jaime Marie Burton


a once sacred space
a once sacred space


When I met Lance Hughes he was living in this little house on Lane Hill at Eldon. Even then (25+ years ago) it didn’t look like much from the outside, but oh, when you walked inside it was like entering a world of pure joy full of safety and comfort, delicious food, and more hilarity than you can imagine. If I’m not mistaken, he had begun to pay for the house and fifteen acres when he was a very young man – maybe 20 – and he’d paid it off over the next fifteen years. He worked the yard, making it his own little Garden of Eden. Angie drove me by the place the day I arrived. I don’t recall the last time I’d seen it since he moved near Locust Grove many years ago. In a soft rain we found the front door standing open, the yard overgrown. It was clear there hadn’t been people near it in years. The next time I see the place it will have collapsed in on itself probably. Nevertheless, I have so many fond memories of this little house that doesn’t look like much. Looks can be very deceiving. How grateful I am to have seen its beauty and shared in the love that poured from its walls.

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  1. Greg Mellin

    I had a place like this in Casey County a mile from Clementsville. It was a cabin that sat up a dirt road between two knobs. Belonging to a potter friend of mine, there were three exotic ceramic kilns on the site, and we used to have great fun and fellowship firing our pots. A couple years agi I tried to take my wife there to show her how it was and was unable to find the place at all from the county gravel road. Nothing there now but blessed memories.

  2. Kopana

    awwww Greg. I know the passing of time is inevitable, and buildings unkept return to dust, but the process from a joyous place to dirt is sad.

  3. Bree

    Isn’t it strange how a house will decay so quickly when someone doesn’t call it home…..

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