july 8, 2024

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“Discover your strength.
Discover your purpose.
Discover your joy.
Discover your peace.”
~ Buddha Groove

hot food bar

Some folks probably see weeds, but I see a birdy hot food bar. Every year, these polk plants grow taller than the fence, and every year I watch dozens of birds feast on their berries. Some extra seeds are in the bed for variety, but they haven’t taken off as well as I would have liked. Nevertheless, the polk will provide a buffet a-plenty. And if it would ever drop below hot-as-the-surface-of-the-sun, I’d get out there and spruce up some of the rock work, not to mention clearing out my garage. I don’t want to spend another winter pretending to be elastic just so I can get in and out of the car. Mind you, pretending to be elastic gets harder the older you get. That has nothing to do with polk. I might be tired, and it’s time to go to bed.

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