june 1, 2013

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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
~ Andy Warhol

Howard's (front) end
Howard’s (front) end

I had the best day. It started with coffee with Howard, my pet snake that lives in the lavender bush out back. He’s big for a garter snake. Best I can tell he’s nearly three feet. I only ever see one end or the other, but not at the same time, hence the name. We’ve gotten used to each other, me and Howard. He doesn’t strike, and neither do I. We just look at each other. I drink coffee, and he eats bugs and things. Then, this afternoon, Stacy Yelton and I battled the crowds to shop for upcoming weddings. Of course, no trip to the mall is complete without a stop at The Pub. That’s where I caught her looking out the window. It made for a beautiful portrait I thought. Yes, it was a grand day, complete with bacon wrapped cream cheese filled dates, a thunderstorm, and a new bra. What more could a girl ask for? How about a double rainbow? Okay!

look over there
look over there
god says goodnight
god says goodnight

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