june 10, 2016

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“I don’t have to be who you want me to be; I’m free to be who I want.” ~ Muhammad Ali


after the storm
after the storm


I arrived early at the church the day of mom’s baptism. While they finished morning services I walked around outside. It was a beautiful day to marvel at how well nature was rebounding after the F-3 tornado four years ago. Not all the buildings fair as well (below), and others have simply evolved, like the church. The porch was added after the storm, drastically changing the look of the little building. The steeple originally had a flat roof. That, too, was changed when the black shingled roof was replaced by tin after the storm. It’s still the sweet little church that survived. I know Mamaw would be proud.


repaired and not
repaired and not

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  1. Jane Murray

    I enjoyed many lunches here during the post tornado period hosted by many of the lovely church ladies.

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