june 11, 2017

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“Invest in your inner world… Make a memory that will carry you through the winters of life.”
~ Sylvia Walters


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Last night I was at one of the coolest weddings ever. The first person I ran into was my old friend Tony Adams whom I hadn’t seen in many, many years. By night’s end we landed in the house where we talked for a long time. If my feet hadn’t hurt so bad we’d still be talking because we had a lot to catch up on and I enjoyed every minute of our visit. Tony and I met back in the 1980’s when he was running sound for most of Lexington and I was the drummer for Radio Cafe, which later became Stealin Horses. Everybody in the band was older than me, including Tony who was still years away from 30, and I wasn’t old enough to get into the bars we played. Ah, youth! The more Tony talked last night, the fuller my heart grew. He’s genuinely happy, and loves his job as a chef. I met his wife Suzanne for the first time. She was a delight. What really melted my heart, though, was the way Tony talked about his daughter Savannah. His face turned to pure love. I don’t think he could be more proud. My world got brighter reconnecting with Tony and meeting his family. I hope it’s not so long before we get a chance to visit again. 

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  1. B

    Radio Cafe went through several iterations. Do you remember the first shows which featured Karen (Ad)Vance and Karen Mitchell? I was an early adopter of the band, being a huge fan of both of the Karens. It bothers me not to see them mentioned in the histories. Just wondering if anyone else remembers…

    • Kopana

      I only knew Karen Advance to be in the Resisters, a band prior to Radio Cafe featuring she and Kiya. I don’t know Karen Mitchell. If either Karen was in Radio Cafe, I never heard Kiya mention them. You could inquire with Kiya, though! https://www.kiyaheartwood.com/

  2. K. Advance

    Hi Kopana, Just saw this. Bev is correct about me being in Radio Cafe, I was a founding member, with Kiya. We did two or three of my original tunes in that band, maybe more, and the rest were Kiya’s excellent tunes, along with a couple of tasty and rearranged covers. We played a lot of really fun shows, with a lot of other great Lexington and Louisville bands, at JDI’s and also Bradley’s clubs Club A Go Go and Cafe LMNOP — with Tom Thompson on bass, Gerald Distad (aka Jah Distant) (RIP) on drums. Scott Stoess, later of Velvet Elvis et al, played bass for a couple of shows, I believe Sam Gillespie (RIP)joined us on guitar right about the time I left. This was around
    1983, or 84. By 1985 I had moved to California, and, well, you know the rest.. lol. 🙂 Thank you Bev for remembering :). Bev and her partner were in fact strong supporters. Re: Karen Mitchell , I think we might have jammed w keyboardist Karen at some point; she played w several established bands at the time, notably “The Chinese” etc, always w Gerald Distad as drummer. ●○●BTW Kiya and I just got to hang out for a couple of days last month, it was great!!

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