june 11, 2019

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“You’ll be amazed at what you attract when you start believing in what you deserve.” ~ Tiny Buddha


morning lines (snapseed)


After many days of questionable stability we finally have some good news from Shero. No surgery! The complications have either been fixed or will heal on their own, including the internal bleeding. As soon as she no longer needs red cell replenishment, it’s off to rehab for an unspecified amount of time, though we’re told recovery is long at 8-12 weeks. She should eventually recover enough to return to her regularly scheduled program, which was new windows, new roof, quarreling at dad, and asking me about my home remodel. I look forward to having her back in the saddle. Not nearly as much as she looks forward to it, I’m sure. Thanks to each and every one of you who have reached out in some way, called, sent texts, posted on facebook, Instagram, and twitter, kept the dog, fed the cats, brought me ice cream, played Farkle with dad – all of it matters in ways that the words thank you don’t quite cover. I’m grateful things are looking up and I’m grateful to go back to work.

  1. Tina

    Oh Shirley, it hurts my heart to know how sick you’ve been but I know it will all work out.

    You are a light in the world and loved by many, Dr Forester and I included.

    We are sending you, Mr. Terry and Kopana our best wishes and support as you work towards restoring your health.

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