june 11, 2021

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“You will change the world just by being a warm, kindhearted human being.” ~ TinyBuddha

honorary lunch lady

The Lunch Ladies had a treat today when Elaine Heis joined us. With all of us vaccinated when Elaine got to Lexington, lunch was a must. She hadn’t seen Marie in two years or more, and it had been October 2019 since I’d seen her. That’s way too long to keep from sharing a meal with people you love. Stacy Yelton and Reinette Jones’ names came up as missing from the table. It’s time to introduce her to Hero and Shero as soon as Dad is able. I think Dinner is in order for the lot of us next time Mama Heis comes to town. Laughs will be had and pictures will be got.

lunch ladies +1

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