june 13, 2019

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“Believe in yourself even when no one else will.” ~ Sasquatch 


a light in the world


The plan for this week was originally to attend a large meeting of IFLA officers in Den Haag The Netherlands. Last week I got notice that friend Marietta Watts would be retiring (for good this time – she’s tried twice before but got dragged back) this week, so I sent my regrets that I couldn’t attend. Well, the universe saw this week differently, what with mom’s accident, so I was able to attend Marietta’s send off after all. If I couldn’t be in Holland, I’d want to bid her farewell, so as consolation prizes go, I think I won the lottery.




Marietta has been more important to the University than you can possibly imagine. Athletes, coaches, and the occasional business success always get the glory for the University, but it’s people like Marietta with visionary ideas and enduring work ethic that really make a long-term difference. She has touched hundreds of people over the years in deep, vital ways. Most of us are replaceable. Marietta is not. As much as we’ll all miss her, I know she’s goin g to enjoy retirement. She’s earned it.


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