june 14, 2016

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“Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life,
touch your heart and nourish your soul.” ~ Unknown


the sincerest form of flattery
the sincerest form of flattery


Ronnie McDowell and I grew up together. I ran into him before mom’s baptism. I’d never known Ronnie to attend the Church of God before, but there he was… holding a… Book of Mormon. That’s just a small glimpse of the Ronnie we all know and love. Ronnie loves to sing. When we were children he impersonated Elvis. Any opportunity to show off his Elvis moves he took, and the other boys made sure he had plenty of opportunity. By the time we were in High School he had shifted his focus to Rick Springfield. He did a Springfield routine for our Senior Talent Show. Little known fact: Rick Springfield is my guilty pleasure. I’ve loved him since he was Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital (that dates me for sure). The music is as schmutzie as can be, and yet I love it. Sometimes, when I have mindless work to do, I pop on “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” and dance like I’m 17 again (only in my head of course). But I never hear Rick Springfield without remembering Ronnie. They’re happy memories.

  1. Shirley Terry

    I still remember the talent show and don’t you have a video (VHS) of that?

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