june 17, 2020

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“If we don’t stop and look deeply, we may not know what brings us our deepest happiness.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Mom and dad’s neighbor dog, Sable, came to see us over the weekend. He’s been just the sweetest dog. He would often have coffee with mom on the porch, and he adored dad. I’ve always had a thing for German shepherds since I was little. I wanted to bring Sable home with me. I think he would have come along. He sure would have put a smile on mom and dad’s faces, though I’m not sure Wally would be too happy though.

  1. Mom

    Hmmmmmm don’t think Scrappy would be too happy either. He never did like Sable. Although Scrappy would take a nip and growl at Sable, he would never attempt to snap but rather ignored Scrappy….! LOL Yes, we loved Sable and miss seeing him.

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