june 22, 2022

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“Don’t waste another second thinking that you’re failing, when really all you’re doing is growing.” ~ Chani Nicholas

McLain Family Band 1

If you grew up in Eastern Kentucky in the 1960s and 1970s and had any interest at all in bluegrass music, you knew the McLain Family Band. I remember seeing them on TV when I was a kid and thought Raymond Jr. had the cutest smile, but to my recollection, I never saw them live until last Saturday when we happened to be at Shakertown at the same time. They were utterly delightful and made me super sorry I didn’t have a better lens with me. Let me tell you, Ruth McLain on that standup bass was bada$$ when she got going. As you’d expect from a band that’s been together for 50+ years, they’re tight but not stodgy. Their imperfections were few, their arrangements refreshingly not as traditional as you might think, and they seemed genuinely happy to be playing on such a gorgeous day. I really enjoyed listening to them, and I had fun sending short videos to mom who always appreciates good harmony. If I catch them around again, I’m taking mom.

McLain Family Band 2

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